Vivas Properties, LLC is a family owned and operated business.
Our Story

The Vivas Family initially purchased secondary homes for sentimental purposes. A second home in Sahuarita, Arizona allowed for family from Venezuela to visit for longer periods of time while the purchase of the home in Wells River, Vermont let Allison keep the home and property amongst family as it was her grandparents home. All of the subsequent rental homes and apartments were hand selected for more than just business reasons.

Each house is located in an areas that we love and know well. We live in Sahuarita and tremendously enjoy the amenities, safety and family friendly neighborhoods. Our rentals in Sahuarita allow tenants or vacationers to enjoy these same things and more. We both graduated from the University of Arizona and our condominiums in Tucson, Arizona are conveniently located near the U of A, 4th Avenue, and downtown Tucson for vacationers and tenants to enjoy the wonderful culture and activities in Tucson. Our Vermont properties are in the quaint town of Wells River, population ~500. These homes are perfect for those looking to live or work in this picturesqe small town. Residents and tourists can enjoy the natural amenities of the area with rivers, lakes, rolling hills and mountains. It's a great place to relax, and enjoy the fall foliage and other outdoor activities including skiing and hunting.

We treat each property as if it were our own home and we were the ones to live in it daily or on our vacation. We value the importance of keeping these houses well-cared for and maintaining the character of the home. Our properties range in age from some being brand new to others being over 100 years old.

Our Services

Our vacation rental properties allow short term visitors to stay in their desired area with all the conveniences of a home. Whether it's two nights, two months, or even two years, these fully furnished houses provide tenants everything they need for their stay. By staying in a vacation rental, renters often save money over a hotel rate and save on dining costs. Our vacation rentals also allow for larger groups to enjoy their retreats together.

We offer several unfurnished properties that are move-in ready. These rentals are perfect for long-term renters looking to settle down for a bit in one place. We typically offer 6-month to 2-year leases and will consider pets.

Our apartment and condominium rentals are efficiently layed out for our tenants to maximize the space. These units are perfect for both long term stays over years or even shorter 6 month terms.

Furnished Rentals

Unfurnished Rentals

Vacation Rentals

Our Team

Allison Vivas


Our homes and apartments are located in areas where we have lived or spent time vacationing. These areas we hold close ti our hearts. We do our best to ensure our renters enjoy a place to call home whether they are on vacation or there for the long-term. Contact us for availability.

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